The soil pressure on underground structures
Prior to production and to the construction of underground structures soil in an unlimited array is in a state of natural or geostatic equilibrium under the action of its own…

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Great metallocarborane
People from ancient times learned to handle the metal. Somewhat later appeared the products of welded metal parts. In ancient Russia metal construction could be grating, fencing and other small…

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Churches and Temples of Ancient Prague

The St. Vitus Cathedral. The dominant feature of Prague Castle is undoubtedly the Cathedral of St. Vitus.

Were held in the Cathedral of the coronation of Bohemian kings, some of them are buried here, so that the Cathedral for the residents of Prague – a place sacred. In the Cathedral you can enter through the bronze doors of the Western façade. On the doors depict scenes from the history of the construction of the temple, as well as episodes of legends about Vaclav and Vojtech.

The Cathedral Of St. Mikuláš.

Created by two prominent Prague architects Christoph and Kilian Ignaz Dienzenhofer. Father, Christoph, was built in the early eighteenth century, the nave and Western facade, and the son 40 years later – the choir and the dome. Completed the construction of the creation of the bell tower (1755) Anselmo Lurago. Especially impressive are the dimensions of the Continue reading

Mysterious underground tunnels

Mysterious underground tunnels are found on all continents. Experts are convinced that this is a very ancient constructions. But it is still unknown who built and for what purpose.

Moves under the world

Polish researcher Jan Pink argues that system of ancient tunnel covers the entire planet, including the ocean floor. The tunnels seemed to be burned into the surface of the earth. Their walls are hardened melt rocks that look like glass. Modern humanity is similar tunneling technology is unknown.

The oldest tunnels, whose age is estimated at nearly a million years, was found in 1965 by the Argentina ethnologist Juan Moritz. In Ecuador, in the province of Morona-Santiago, his expedition explored and mapped the system of tunnels, mostly rectangular, running at a depth of 230 meters. Their smooth walls seem to be polished. They are ventilation pipes with a diameter of about 70 centimeters. These mysterious underground structures extend for hundreds of kilometers in different directions, including towards the Pacific ocean. Most of them still remain unexplored. Continue reading

Kitaevo is one of the most beautiful and mysterious places in Kiev

Above the entrance to the caves built a tiny little chapel. Go to them on weekdays from 10.00 till 15.00 on weekends and religious holidays from 12.00 to 15.00. Visitors are greeted by a strict priest-monk. The entrance to the caves is free, but you should buy a candle. In the dungeon she will be the only lighting and create the right mood. To the question: “Can I take pictures in the caves?” – father said that it is possible, but only for himself, not for publication.

The cave entrance is a square hole in the floor, like a cellar. Steep steps down into the darkness. And there – in different directions the narrow passages, the two have not always gone. Branching, turns, dead ends. The maze stretches over 100 meters. The ceiling directly overhead. Now suddenly collapse? In some places hang above the roots of plants.

The first few minutes only one desire – to get out of here instantly. Even a little panic. In the caves quietly, almost no one. The pitch darkness around and only a thin suchecka in his hand. Going along a narrow track, before turning suddenly in the wall suddenly appears the male face. Unexpected and scary. Then everything is explained – behind the wall of the cell, it came man, the visitor, and you can see it through a window in the wall. Cell is a tiny little bench, a shelf for icons and candles – all dug in the ground. Continue reading

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