The soil pressure on underground structures
Prior to production and to the construction of underground structures soil in an unlimited array is in a state of natural or geostatic equilibrium under the action of its own…

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Cave of skeletons in Thailand
The planet has many mysterious places . in which happen to be explained neither by science nor by the logic of events.Very often, these anomalous places shrouded in secrets and…

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Kitaevo is one of the most beautiful and mysterious places in Kiev

Above the entrance to the caves built a tiny little chapel. Go to them on weekdays from 10.00 till 15.00 on weekends and religious holidays from 12.00 to 15.00. Visitors are greeted by a strict priest-monk. The entrance to the caves is free, but you should buy a candle. In the dungeon she will be the only lighting and create the right mood. To the question: “Can I take pictures in the caves?” – father said that it is possible, but only for himself, not for publication.

The cave entrance is a square hole in the floor, like a cellar. Steep steps down into the darkness. And there – in different directions the narrow passages, the two have not always gone. Branching, turns, dead ends. The maze stretches over 100 meters. The ceiling directly overhead. Now suddenly collapse? In some places hang above the roots of plants.

The first few minutes only one desire – to get out of here instantly. Even a little panic. In the caves quietly, almost no one. The pitch darkness around and only a thin suchecka in his hand. Going along a narrow track, before turning suddenly in the wall suddenly appears the male face. Unexpected and scary. Then everything is explained – behind the wall of the cell, it came man, the visitor, and you can see it through a window in the wall. Cell is a tiny little bench, a shelf for icons and candles – all dug in the ground. Continue reading


It is known that previously could exist on Earth at different times of a highly developed civilization with its culture, traditions, knowledge, technology. Their traces are found in the form of stone structures of astonishing grandeur. The greatest interest at the present time makes people legendary Egyptian pyramid of the Pharaoh Cheops. It has at its base a square of 250 x 250 m and a height of 150 m. It was constructed on the basis of more ancient pyramids (outlier), which is about 50% of the total volume of the pyramid. The superstructure of the pyramid was carried out with large stone blocks weighing up to 2.5 tons. The purpose and methods of the construction of this and other ancient circular pyramids is still being debated.

The word “pyramid” in a semantic translation the Greeks understood as “fire inside”. Modern research shows that across the top of the pyramid from the top down is held vertical energocell (the invisible fire). These channels of energy flows available to the trees and temples of all religions. The pyramids were built over the tombs of the ancient rulers of countries and peoples in different parts of the planet, through their energy channels to establish sustainable related to the noospheric (reasonable) layers of the earth and ancestral spirits. Modern churches will perform a similar role for energy-connection with their spiritual centres, working on their vibration frequency. Continue reading

Gothic. Birth and masterpieces (Gothic style)

Gothic style that has become a hallmark of the middle Ages. She was not the only style of the era just past. It is embellished with fantastic lace thread stone spikes flew up and bloomed the precious radiance of the stained glass Windows throughout Catholic Europe in the XII century.

France, England, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic and even Italy, the birthplace of the Renaissance, voznikoveniia her. A special role in the history of Gothic art, the former, above all, art architects, played, however, was France, England and Germany. France became her home. England chose its national style, constantly going back to her forms, transforming them, but not forgetting. Germany, the romantics, has got the honor to return Gothic art from the darkness of oblivion, to reveal its beauty.

The term “Gothic” originated not in the Middle ages. In the Renaissance (and this term, by the way, was not invented by Italian craftsmen, many later French historians and artists have introduced it) the art is ready, that is, the art of the barbarians called all Nanticoke works of art. Besides, is the ingenious theory that “explains” the emergence of the famous Lancet arches. In a letter to Pope Leo X someone (Dolgeville the author regarded him as Raphael) indicated that the origin of her they are “from those popularnych trees, which, if you bend a little and to link their branches, form a pointed arch”. Continue reading

The soil pressure on underground structures
Prior to production and to the construction of underground structures soil in an unlimited array is in a state of natural or geostatic equilibrium under the action of its own…

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During the excavations discovered one of the main fortifications of ancient Chernihiv
One of the main fortifications of ancient Chernihiv — the moat surrounding castle — discovered by archaeologists during excavations on the corner of Kirponos and the Black Prince in the…