The soil pressure on underground structures

During the excavations discovered one of the main fortifications of ancient Chernihiv
One of the main fortifications of ancient Chernihiv — the moat surrounding castle — discovered by archaeologists during excavations on the corner of Kirponos and the Black Prince in the…

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It is possible to allocate three major areas related to the development of underground space of the metropolis: the laying of transport and communication tunnels for the creation of infrastructure;…

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The construction of the dam.

40 years ago, December 19, 1973, in the construction of the Cheboksary hydroelectric complex was laid the first cubic meter of concrete

The construction of the Cheboksary hydroelectric power station was planned in 1931. According to the project “Great Volga” the construction of the cascade of waterworks on the Volga and Kama conceived to create a single deep-water route connecting the Caspian, Black, Baltic and White seas, as well as the use of hydropower, the largest river of Europe.

The ambitious plans of industrialization, and then the Great Patriotic war delayed the start of construction of the Cheboksary hydroelectric power station for decades. In 1960, the design of future hydropower was entrusted to Kuibyshev branch of the Institute “Hydroproject”. The project was approved on January 22, 1967, this day is considered the beginning of the construction of the station. The building was declared all-Union shock construction, which was attended by specialists from many regions of the country. Continue reading

Spain. Tourism, resorts and sights in Spain

Spain is one of the favorite and desirable places for travelers and tourists . This amazing country is striking for its Sunny beaches and cities with beautiful historic architecture.

Not so known is the fact that Spain is mostly a mountainous country . Mountains occupy about 90% of its territory. The highest point of the terrain of Spain is a mountain, Mulhacén, which rises near Granada. Despite the fact that it’s located on the South of the country, where at any time of the year is snow. Generally Spain amazing variety of climate. On the same site you can enjoy the warmth and sunbathing or you can climb higher into the mountains, and there’re no warm clothes are not enough.

Spain is a country of contrasts, amazing and mysterious, it beckons people from all over the world.

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The construction of garages, extensions, houses, cottages. Sell prefabricated huts.

The company offers a unique Trialpay the market of country real estate service. The construction of underground floors in country houses and cottages. To build a country house in the underground floor, which will or garage, or pool, or living room – this is a great opportunity to increase living or usable area in cases where it is impossible to build extensions or build on the attic. If it is impossible to build up, why not build down? For these purposes in multi-storey housing construction for many years successfully applied construction technology UP DOWN. Today, as a rule, new modern buildings are built with underground floor – Parking lots, garages, shops. Most of these buildings are built on technology UP DOWN.

Trialhow adapted the technology of construction of underground floors for a rustic low-rise construction. We use the latest scientific technology and latest equipment.

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Mysterious and amazing places on Earth

The more you travel, the more I wonder, just how much there is in the nature of mysteries and secrets. Such places are everywhere, even near us, if a good search, you can find a couple of mysterious places.

Recently, digging in the Internet, I found a large list of mysterious places of the Earth. He interested me greatly and I began to dig further. After some time I found that this list is simply copied multiple times on dozens of sites, without some clarifications, etc.

In addition, the list contains many mythical places whose existence is not proven, or it is a fiction.

So I decided to filter this list and Supplement sources, where possible.

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Gothic in architecture

After the fall of the Western Roman Empire in Europe began the so-called dark ages, during which many barbarian tribes did their Orgy on the remains of the Roman cultural heritage. On the background of endless wars there was a partial revival of Roman architectural tradition, which resulted in a Romanesque architectural style that formed around the X century and transformed in three hundred years Gothic.

Gothic style in architecture emerged in the XII-XIII centuries, with the advent of the high middle ages. On the basis of the Romanesque heritage and the growing power of the Holy see, which was necessary to emphasize appropriate scale Church constructions.

It is worth noting that the Church is so possessed the minds of men in those days that the agents it without much difficulty raised a huge human masses on an adventure, later called the First crusade, which captured Jerusalem and established Christian States in Asia Minor. This, in turn, contributed to the development of pilgrimage, and the pilgrims brought considerable income for the Continue reading

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