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Mysterious and amazing places on Earth

The more you travel, the more I wonder, just how much there is in the nature of mysteries and secrets. Such places are everywhere, even near us, if a good search, you can find a couple of mysterious places.

Recently, digging in the Internet, I found a large list of mysterious places of the Earth. He interested me greatly and I began to dig further. After some time I found that this list is simply copied multiple times on dozens of sites, without some clarifications, etc.

In addition, the list contains many mythical places whose existence is not proven, or it is a fiction.

So I decided to filter this list and Supplement sources, where possible.

What I came up with and I imagine your court.

The Arizona crater(USA) – (Barringer of the crater, the Canyon of the Devil) — a large meteorite crater (astrobleme) in Arizona (USA), 30 km West of the town of Winslow (Winslow) and 56 km from the city of Flagstaff (Flagstaff) (Federal highway 40, exit 233). Is a giant earthen bowl with a diameter of 1200 meters and a depth of 180 meters.

The crater was formed about 50 thousand years ago after the fall of the 50-meter meteorite, which weighed about 300 thousand tons and flying at a speed of 45-60 thousand km/h. Blast from the fall was three times moneyusa of the Tunguska meteorite and was similar in power to the explosion of 20 million tons of TNT or 1000 atomic bombs similar to that dropped on Hiroshima. In and around the Arizona crater found fragments of Nickel iron meteorite.

Bama (China) . – Bama Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region China situated on the border of subtropical and tropical zone, the average temperature here in spring and autumn reaches 20,5?S. the Main feature that attracts many tourists is the duration of life of local residents. For longevity BAM takes 1st place in the world. The population comprises 11 ethnic groups. The secret of this longevity is of special climatic conditions, special nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

Devils tower (USA) – rock bar (so-called geological separateness), resembling a tower, composed of piled beam separate stone pillars, located in Wyoming, USA.

This mountain is unusually correct form, which emerged 200 million years ago, long time gave the impression of artificial constructions. But as rock in size exceeds the pyramid of Cheops is 2.5 times (the height of 390 m, base width is about the same), the construction of the “tower” was often instructed not to human hands, and the devil (hence the name). The mountain has long been the subject of reverent worship and a source of fear among the local population, it was alleged that on the top have repeatedly observed the strange light phenomena.

Boloto Keava (Estonia) – the bog, located on the so-called geobotanical border of the West and the East of Estonia, the hydrogeological structure of which in our days remains a mystery. Generally, raised bogs are distinguished by the fact that growing up, like make the hills, and the keava mire, surprisingly, dropped from the edge, and cast scientists build all sorts of guesses. Some attribute this to the fact that lower groundwater levels; others have put forward the version of thermokarst; third all the blame on the underground bed of the stream.

In General, whatever it was, and the mystery of the swamp remains unsolved. However, even in the hands of the Estonians – the keava bog became a place of pilgrimage for tourists. In addition, he is credited with even some supernatural properties.

Warhol – bottom-vorgolsk the sanctuary of the Slavs near the village of Lower Vorgol in the middle basin of the don. Studied Moskalenko A. N. in 1966 on the site Romensky-Borshevsky culture at the village Lower Vorgol in the middle basin of the don.

Located (like Khodosovichi) in Mysovoy. Was burnt wattle and daub round pad with a diameter of 12 m. In the middle of the pit is detected from a wooden idol, and near the altar (strongly calcined clay with ash). A platform encircled the pit, intended for breeding ritual fires.

The Montagne Pele (FR. Montagne Pel?e — the Bald mountain) or Mont Pele, the volcano in Northern Martinique island (lesser Antilles).

The altitude of 1397 m and base diameter of 15 km, the Crater is oval shaped with a size of 1000 by 750. Infamous due to the eruption of 1902 when a burning cloud of gas and ash destroyed the town of Saint-Pierre and killed about 30 thousand people. The eruption of this type are referred to Pulaski.

In 1929-1932, the volcano was again active, resulting in increased new dome. At the foot of the Museum of volcanism.

Uluru (Ayers rock) — formed about 680 million years ago, a 348-foot orange-brown oval-shaped rock.

Located in Central Australia, 450 km from the town of Alice springs. Its length is 3.6 km, width — about 3 km, and the base is indented caves decorated with ancient rock paintings and stone carvings.

Aconcagua – the world’s tallest extinct volcano. The height of 6962 m, Is the highest point of the American continent, South America, Western and southern hemispheres.

The origin of the name of the mountain is not precisely known, existing being Mapuche language (“on the other side of the river Aconcagua”) or from Ackon Cahuak, which in Quechua means “Stone sentinel”.

The mountain originated in the collision of the tectonic plates of Nazca and South American.

Chomolungma . Everest, or Sagarmatha — the highest peak of the globe with a height of 8850 meters, located in the Himalayas.

Located on the border of Nepal and China (Tibet Autonomous region), but the top is in China. Has the shape of a pyramid, South slope is more steep. With the array in all directions flow down the glaciers, ending at an altitude of about 5 thousand meters On the southern slope and the edges of the pyramid of snow and firn is not charged, therefore they were naked. Partially included in the Sagarmatha national Park (Nepal).

Mountain near the city of Chenôve kamenicki – Panska natural rock formation, located in Northern Bohemia, the construction of which was ordered sverhkachestvennoy civilizations.

Currently proven that a mountain, like a big “bundle” of stone columns, was actually formed as a result of crystallization of basalt in hexagonal columns, the length of which can exceed many tens of meters.

Chogori, K2 is the second highest mountain peak after Chomolungma. Its height is 8611 m above sea level.

Chogori is located in Kashmir, controlled by Pakistan’s Northern territories on the border with China and is included in the massif of Karakorum, located to the West of the Himalayas.

Rock sugar loaf (Brazil) is in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, a height of 396 meters. With unobstructed stunning views of the city.

The Sierra de La Neblina – “mountain mists” on the border of Guyana and Venezuela. More detailed information could not be found.

Mount Thorn-Rock (USA) – Located in the North-West of the state of new Mexico, a mysterious shiprock is a volcanic eruption that occurred about 30-40 million years ago. The main part has a height of 600 m, diameter 500 m, and is situated at 2300 m above sea level. Its name this place due to the resemblance to the nose of the clipper. Shiprock is known as the TSE Bitai (“winged rock”), the name given him by the Navajo. Many indigenous people of the region believe that this mysterious rock is sacred.

You can get here by route 666, often referred to as “devil” in Association with “number of the beast”. His other “nicknames” — “the Speedway of Satan” or “the way of the devil.” The area around the mysterious Chipoka also shrouded in alarming mystery: here you often see a UFO.

Valley of Death (eng. Death Valley), an intermountain basin in the area of the Mojave desert and Great Basin in the Western United States in California, to the South-East of the mountain range of the Sierra Nevada. In the valley is the lowest point in North America. The valley also includes a large portion of Death Valley National Park.

In addition to mirages and other anomalous phenomena desert known strange behaviour of the rocks that spontaneously roll, avoiding obstacles along the way, on the sand with a barely noticeable speed. The lack of clearly visible near the trace of stones someone other traces (which was repeatedly confirmed even by experienced forensic) allows to state unambigously that the stones (quite ordinary inside, weighing up to half a ton) to roll without assistance and often against the wind.

Valley of monsters (monument Valley or the Valley of monuments)(eng. Monument Valley), a unique geological formation located in northeastern Arizona and in southeastern Utah (USA), along the border between the States on the territory of the reservation of the Navajo Indian, one of the national symbols of the United States.

Hole the Devil (eng. Devil’s Hole) – geothermal(33 °C) the lake at the bottom of the limestone crevices in the Amargosa desert in Nevada, East of Death Valley.

The depth of cleft at least 91 m, size on surface 2 on 6 meters. Scientists say that the age of this cleft is 500 thousand years.