Sagrada Familia – the travel kind or the greatest building of our time?
About Sagrada Name or the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is written very much. This “must see” is visited annually by millions of people from all over the world. The oldest…

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Located 385 km North-East of Madrid and 160 km South-East of Bilbao, the Basque name of Iruna. The capital of Navarra is also world famous for the race of bulls…

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The construction of garages, extensions, houses, cottages. Sell prefabricated huts.

The company offers a unique Trialpay the market of country real estate service. The construction of underground floors in country houses and cottages. To build a country house in the underground floor, which will or garage, or pool, or living room – this is a great opportunity to increase living or usable area in cases where it is impossible to build extensions or build on the attic. If it is impossible to build up, why not build down? For these purposes in multi-storey housing construction for many years successfully applied construction technology UP DOWN. Today, as a rule, new modern buildings are built with underground floor – Parking lots, garages, shops. Most of these buildings are built on technology UP DOWN.

Trialhow adapted the technology of construction of underground floors for a rustic low-rise construction. We use the latest scientific technology and latest equipment.

The possibility of construction without resettlement of residents.

The construction of underground floors – a very complex, multi-step and resource-intensive proecss. Below we present the main stages of construction of underground floor.

The design of underground construction is based on the following regulatory materials:

SNiP 3.01.01-85* “Organization of stroytelecominvest”, ed.1995. (valid until 1 January 2005);

SNiP 12-01-2004 “construction management”, released in return

SNiP 3.01.01-85* from 1 January 2005.

Before conducting works of the main construction period at the construction site are the work of the preparatory period:

setting up a stand with fire-fighting equipment;

the lighting device areas;

device site for storage of materials and sites for the preparation and filing of the solution to the work site.

Additional activities:

Work associated with the opening surface in the locations of existing underground utilities and structures, are produced under special rules established by the ministries and agencies operating in these communications.

After you perform the preparatory activities commence work on the device of the piles.

The sequence of operations when the device of the piles

Setting the drilling rig on the drilling site.

Drilling 200mm diameter hollow screws.

Filling the well with cement-sandy solution through the hollow augers.

Dip into the well pipe frame.

Technology of production of works

Drilling of piles on the street rig COMACCHIO MC 800.

Drilling of piles inside the building and with time overlaps at the level of 0,00 m is carried out by drilling rig SBG-2 and COMACCIO MC-800.

The well is filled cement-sandy solution starts at the end of drilling.

Preparation of cement mortar with W/C of 0.6 is carried out on the construction site, the mortar is RM 350 (RM-750).

Laying cement-sand mortar is made by filing it on the bottom of the well by the pump under pressure.

Laying cement-sand mortar in the hole the entire length of the well without interruption ( one phase ).

The feed solution is conducted to the exit of the pure cement-sand mortar to the surface and ends with the removal of the contaminated layer.

Final approval of the finished pile is made by acts.

Installation of pipe frame

The size and design of piles should comply with the project.

Before installing into the well the pipe is thoroughly cleaned from rust and dirt.

Method of slinging, lifting and lowering pipe into a well eliminates the appearance of deformations.

When installing the pipes is a log of dip pipes.

Installation of pipe in the hole with a crane or a winch of the drilling machine.

After the fixation of its provisions, is set air puncher WITH-134.

The air supply to pneumatic drift punch is made with a gradual increase of flow rate from minimum to nominal.

Materials requirements

For the preparation of cement-sand mortar cement is used, the corresponding preset stamp, the aggressiveness of the environment, the required time setting, which should be at least 2 hours.

The percentage of additives of retarders depending on the length of the piles and the timing of laying mortar is set empirically.


Technology of jet grouting is to destroy and mixing soil high-pressure jet of grout coming at high pressure from the monitor located at the lower end of the drill string. As a result in soil piles are formed from a new material – purpose high load-bearing and impervious characteristics.

The piling of purpose is performed in two stages – forward and reverse operation of the drill string. In the process of a forward stroke is drilling. In the reverse process produces lifting columns with simultaneous rotation and feed pressure of the cement mortar. When high-pressure injection of cement mortar is the destruction of the soil massif and its mixing with cement mortar. After the hardening of cement in a soil massif is formed a ground-cement pile.

Consumption of cement mortar is determined by the project depending on the soil and adjusted during manufacturing operations. The technology allows you to change the amount of cement per unit volume of soil over a wide range, up to full substitution.

The rate of formation gruntovedenie piles of 600mm diameter is determined by the speed of drilling in process of the forward stroke and lift the column in the reverse process. The speed of drilling is approximately 0.50 m/min the Rate of rise is calculated and is 0.20-0.30 m/min.

EYELINER MONOLITHIC GRILLAGE UNDER THE EXISTING BUILDING WALL. The sequence of operations when the device monolithic grillage under the existing walls.

1.Development of soil and rubble Foundation hook 1.5 m .This ensures the safety of the piles ,and the size of the trench under the wall of the building 1.5 m x 1.2 m x 1.2 m .

2. The reinforcement of the pile cap within the hook.

3.Concreting of pile cap within the hook.

4.Excavation in the jaw at a safe distance from the laid concrete. with subsequent reinforcement and concreting.

5.Further excavation in the jaw at a safe distance.

Technology of production of works

Development is performed manually with jackhammers and crowbars. The sequence of sections is determined by the project.

Development of a quarry slab Foundation and soil is made between bearing piles on technology ,eliminating damage or deformation.

the trench design width 1.2 m, depth 1.2 m and 1.5 m;

the reinforcing of the Annex grillage for the size of the hook;

installation of the formwork;

concreting of the pile cap at Bay.

Development of soil and rubble foundations in places where there are existing underground utilities, shall be permitted only with the written permission of the organization responsible for operating communications, and should be taking action against their damage, and in the locations of electric cables – in the presence of a representative of the operator of the cable network.

The device of reinforcement cage

The frame fit in place. All the rebars is taped at the joints and at the points of intersection of knitting wire with a diameter of 0.8-1mm. Coupling of reinforcing bars in the pile cap is spliced. The length of the joint overlap should not be less than 35d abutting the valve. Abutting the bars should touch each other. The joints of the rods must overlap along the length of the element be placed vrazbezhku. In this case, the cross-sectional area of the working rods abutting at one place should not exceed 50% of the total area of reinforcement.

Before installing the reinforcement cage is thoroughly cleaned from rust and dirt.

The reinforcing cages shall be drawn for his acceptance.

When preparing the substrate to remove stains of bitumen, oils, etc. Alignment of the base before laying the concrete is dry sand.

The formwork and reinforcement before concreting should be cleaned from dirt with compressed air.