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Spain. Tourism, resorts and sights in Spain

Spain is one of the favorite and desirable places for travelers and tourists . This amazing country is striking for its Sunny beaches and cities with beautiful historic architecture.

Not so known is the fact that Spain is mostly a mountainous country . Mountains occupy about 90% of its territory. The highest point of the terrain of Spain is a mountain, Mulhacén, which rises near Granada. Despite the fact that it’s located on the South of the country, where at any time of the year is snow. Generally Spain amazing variety of climate. On the same site you can enjoy the warmth and sunbathing or you can climb higher into the mountains, and there’re no warm clothes are not enough.

Spain is a country of contrasts, amazing and mysterious, it beckons people from all over the world.

Resorts Spain

Of course, Spain is famous for its spas, numerous sandy beaches, places for recreation and entertainment . Best resorts in Spain located on the Mediterranean coast, where year round to maintain excellent warm weather. Here is Costa Dorada, Costa Brava, Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca and other wonderful places to stay. They all have excellent service, a variety of hotels of different categories, beaches and entertainment for every taste.

Also very popular among holidaymakers from the Spanish Islands – Balearic and Canary . The most famous of the Canary ostrougolnaya Tenerife. This is a great place to relax, to get away from the daily hustle and bustle and enjoy the exotic. Apart from relaxing on the beach in Tenerife you can go on excursions to the volcano or lava fields, to visit towns like Icod de Los Vinos, rich Drakensberg trees and architecture, white, Puerto de La Cruz, which impresses with its buildings and lush vegetation. Among the Balearic Islands the most famous is Ibiza, the island of dance and passion. They say that real life is awakened in Ibiza just after sunset. Music is everywhere – in the many bars and cafes, dance floors and beaches. People are going absolutely crazy rhythms dance until the morning. Ibiza – this island of freedom where everyone can feel like on another planet, where there are no worries, no problems. There you can windsurf or simply swim in the warm sea. Among the attractions the island holds a special place Cathedral – high fancy building. Yes and all the buildings in Ibiza among tourists who go there for the first time, cause delight and surprise.

Another resort, which it is impossible not to mention, this Golden mile . This place is located on the southern coast of Spain, in Andalusia received its name for its luxury buildings and the richness of the permanent inhabitants. In the Golden mile many other palaces and rich houses that belong to multi-millionaires, Arab sheiks and well-known personalities, among them Tony Blair, David Bowie, Madonna, Julio Iglesias and others. In the Golden mile of extraordinary beauty, with beaches and parks, the architecture is breathtaking, and the Nightclubs are striking in their luxury.

Tourism in Spain

Spain for backpackers is a popular place. It is a country rich in ancient cities with amazing history and culture. Here are the most lush and crazy festivals, and the architecture and landscape of the imagination.

The Attractions Of Barcelona

Of course, the most famous city in Spain is Barcelona, which is also the capital of Catalonia . Barcelona is rightly called one of the most beautiful cities on Earth. Suffice it to say that it is a city where lived and worked the great Antoni gaudí, to understand how amazing it can be. To the buildings of Gaudi, the Sagrada Familia, the Palau güell, Park güell, Casa Vicens, Casa Mila and many others.

Interest in the Gothic quarter . This part of Barcelona, which is very different from the rest of the city for its architecture. Once in the Gothic quarter you’d think the time off. Narrow quiet streets on which no cars drive, old buildings with sharp spikes, a lot of museums and small shops – all this creates a special atmosphere of antiquity, as if modern man returns to the middle Ages. In the heart of the Gothic quarter is the Church of Saint Eulalia, designed in the Gothic revival style. On weekends you can see in front of the Cathedral, the locals perform the Sardana – the national dance of the Catalans.

Also in Barcelona worth visiting is the Avenue of the arts, representing the Boulevard . where you can find artists who draw pictures, look at a flower and souvenir shops, or to visit the exhibition presenting the paintings of Botticelli, Titian, Raphael and many other geniuses of painting.

The Sights Of Madrid

More dynamic and modern city of Madrid the capital of Spain . Its main attraction is the Prado Museum, which presents the world’s largest collection of Spanish painting. Here you can see works by Rubens, Veronese, Titian, Bosch, Velazquez, El Greco, Goya, Murillo and other famous painters of different epochs and directions.

Remarkable Madrid and its architecture . There are many ancient palaces. The most impressive and beautiful of them is the Royal Palace. In the centre of Madrid is Puerta de Sol – it usually start sightseeing tourists. There is quite often appointed place to meet the locals. Near the town is a monument of history and architecture – the monastery-Palace of El Escorial. This is a huge building made of grey granite, was built in the mid 16th century to commemorate the victory over the French. To understand the scope of construction, it is enough to know that it has 16 patios.

Sights Of Seville

If you want to see the real Spain, visit Seville, capital of Andalusia. Andalusia is the southern part of the country, known for bloody bullfights, beautiful beaches and traditional Spanish holidays. Seville is often called the city of lovers, everything is filled with romance and it is here according to the legend, don Juan lived. The main attraction of Seville is a huge Cathedral, part of which is a Grand bell tower Giralda. The walls of this bell tower have a width of about 3 meters, and above the statue is a symbol of Faith. Special design allows the statue to rotate from the wind and act like a weather vane. The tower is covered with a variety of mosaics and ornaments. The Cathedral itself occupies an area of 116 to 76 meters in size and is fourth among all Christian churches in the world.

Also among the attractions of Seville, it should be noted the Royal Castle . also called Alcazar, in the style combines romantic, Gothic and Renaissance elements and Arabic technique.

It was in Seville, was born the famous Golden century Spanish artist Diego rodríguez de Silva y velázquez, whose paintings are now exhibited in major museums around the world, including in St. Petersburg, London. Rome and new York.

If we talk about famous artists, whose homeland was Spain, you can not go past such a genius of surrealism Salvador Dali. He was born in the small town of Figueres which is not far from the border with France. Now this city is a Grand Museum dedicated to the art of Dali.

To describe all the wonderful places Spain just impossible. All this riot of colors, the diversity of the landscape coupled with exotic culture of the Spaniards causes endless delight for tourists. Not to fall in love with this amazing country is impossible.