Spain. Tourism, resorts and sights in Spain
Spain is one of the favorite and desirable places for travelers and tourists . This amazing country is striking for its Sunny beaches and cities with beautiful historic architecture. Not…

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Expedition to the Ustyurt plateau
This was the first trip taken by the author. The group in addition to the author, while the fourth-year student of geological faculty of Moscow state pedagogical University, was already…

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Cave of skeletons in Thailand

The planet has many mysterious places . in which happen to be explained neither by science nor by the logic of events.Very often, these anomalous places shrouded in secrets and legends. One of the most mysterious places on Earth is the cave in the jungle of Thailand, which is called the “Cave of Skeletons”. The secrets of this cave is still not disclosed…

News about it the public learned in 1992, when the expedition had come back famous scientist David Wadl and colleagues. Written on the last leaves of the diary of the scientist were write about the plain, where there is a mysterious cave that locals performed magical rites.

In search of the missing it was decided to send a rescue expedition. By the National Association of anthropologists of the U.S. it was led by Roy Clive and Perry Winston, not once have studied Thailand, especially the alleged place of disappearance of the scientists.

The group moved along the route of the expedition Waddle. Passing through the thicket of the jungle and hills, anthropologists went out to the plain, surrounded on all sides by the river Kwai and impassable swamps, swarming with snakes and other poisonous reptiles. From “natives” learned that David described Saddam cave from its very beginning has a reputation as a “damned place”.

According to the legends, in these neighborhoods there lived a tribe of wizards, ogres, and the place of sacrifice, and other magic rites was the same cave. None of melnikiene not trying to come close to the cave and any mention of evil place cause only panic and fear.

The rescue expedition had no other options but to go to the cave and find out the truth. Whatever legends are not frightened scientists, the opportunity to learn and explore what is happening in the cave they were in.

After breaking camp on the plain, tired scientists have laid down to rest. To sleep but they were not destined: their dream has broken sounds, resembling the blows of a hundred small hammers. In the morning everyone hurried to the cave where he heard mysterious night sounds, hoping to find the missing colleagues. Hopes were justified. After overcoming a few miles away, scientists saw the cave, and beside her lay the body of the missing expedition.

Scientist Nikolai Nepomnyashchy, speaking about the death of the scholars, noted that the cause of each death were fractures in the skull and chest. And here arises the first question: how could this happen, if in the vicinity of the cave was never found not a single trace of human presence.

You would have thought. what the researchers were attacked by a unknown animal. But all of these versions were forgotten when the people entered the cave. The entire space of the cave was filled with human skeletons. They were everywhere: lying on the ground, “rely” on the walls and even the ceiling was covered with piles of bones. Most importantly, all the skeletons had the same injury as that team Waddle, namely, fractured rib cage and skull.

The next night the scientists heard again the clanking of bones coming from the cave. They hurried to explore the mysterious cave. Incredibly, all the bones were in the cave has changed its location. It seemed that at night someone has shifted the old skeletons to new places. After some discussion, decided to leave the night’s watch near the entrance to the cave.

The next night the noise was back again and, it seemed, the answer was close. Probably stay the night, the researchers videotaped the process and the cause of the mystical movements of the skeletons… but in the morning the expedition discovered the bodies of brutally murdered colleagues. The cause of death is the same as that of the rest of the dead: the broken rib cage and skull.

All members of the expedition panicked, the only desire was to quickly get out of this accursed place. Go to the cave scientists have not ventured. When one of the anthropologists, shone his flashlight inside, he saw on one of the skeletons fresh Gore…

Still the mystery of the cave of skeletons inexplicable. It is known that a new expedition. All the data about the cave closed to the public.