Mysterious and amazing places on Earth
The more you travel, the more I wonder, just how much there is in the nature of mysteries and secrets. Such places are everywhere, even near us, if a good…

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It is the oldest city in France
It is possible to call Him the oldest city in all of France – this is an exaggeration, but it preserved most of the buildings extant from the times of…

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Great metallocarborane

People from ancient times learned to handle the metal. Somewhat later appeared the products of welded metal parts. In ancient Russia metal construction could be grating, fencing and other small structures. But time does not stand still, and the human mind strives forward. Civilization every year makes large demands. Metal all firmly embedded across all areas of human activity. If earlier built houses made of wood without a single nail, and now such structures become the property of history and sometimes exotic wonder of human creation.

For the construction of larger structures required a metal of a different quality of smelting and processing. By the 18th century, the metallurgists learned how to get steel with the desired characteristics. The first pioneers in the field of large-scale use of steel English bridge builders, who in 1779 built a bridge over the river Severn. The author structures the engineer was Thomas Pritchard. Metal structures of large size from now has got its historical birth. Behind the bridge on the Severn in 1802, a bridge was constructed across the river Seine in France, and in Russia metal bridge was built in St. Petersburg in the period from 1793 to 1794.

I touched the bridge builders was picked up by enthusiasts of other industries. If, prior to the mid-19th century, the metal used as structural members in building construction, after the metal began to perform an independent component in the architecture of buildings. All of this improvement occurred against the backdrop of the achievements of engineers, scientists and metallurgists in the field of smelting steel and iron, the appearance of t-and z-iron, channels, angle iron and other things.

All of these achievements were enabled to erect a more ambitious design that strike the imagination. The immediate embodiment of these achievements were the Empire state building and

Eiffel tower among others no less famous metalloorganic, among which the Statue of Liberty. The history of the first two worthy of a separate narration, the relevance of which does not fade today. But modern large-scale buildings amaze the society with their architecture, design, imagination and the embodiment of the latest achievements of modern technology. A clear example is the Beijing national stadium, which hosted the last Olympic games.