During the excavations discovered one of the main fortifications of ancient Chernihiv
One of the main fortifications of ancient Chernihiv — the moat surrounding castle — discovered by archaeologists during excavations on the corner of Kirponos and the Black Prince in the…

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Famous buildings
We live in a city where there are many buildings, whose history reminds us of the people, famed in Europe, the name Augsburg. When you don't know pass by without…

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Ancient structures found in the Khabarovsk region

Two stone structures, similar to the dolmens found in the territory of Bureinsky reserve. Cultural and historical significance of the findings confirmed pre-regional and Metropolitan specialists. Archaeologists Khabarovsk are planning a research expedition to the reserve.

Structures similar to the dolmens found the staff of the reserve “Bureinsky”, located in the Verkhnebureinsky area. They are massive constructions, built of stones. The structures are situated on one of the tourist eco paths along the “Royal road” – the Nikolaev tract and were in plain view since the organization of the reserve.

“They were found in 1984, but the values of buildings did not attach. Thought it was a modern building, made for technical purposes, perhaps by hunters. In the area of one of them were found objects of the past century: forged shovels, crowbars. That is, it was evident that the constructions used in the 19th century during the building of the Nikolaev tract,” – said the expert on public relations of the state nature reserve “Bureinsky” Bakhtiyar Mavlanov.

Last year, construction once again drew attention and decided to consult with leading specialists. Letters with pictures of the staff of the reserve directed of the Khabarovsk and Moscow archaeologists.

“The other day the answer came from Moscow from a specialist in archeology, what is the structure and type of structure can be classified as religious buildings for worship. And should be investigated, because they represent cultural-historical significance. The nearest such facilities were discovered thousands of kilometers”, – said the expert on public relations of the state nature reserve “Bureinsky” Bakhtiyar Mavlanov.

Scientists suggest that these buildings may belong to the Neolithic or early iron age. Regional experts are already planning to make an exploratory voyage to the area of the discovery of dolmens.

“I showed Your photo at the Novosibirsk Institute of archaeology and Ethnography SB RAS Professor V. E. Medvedev and experts from the Vladivostok Institute of history and archaeology. Medvedev said it was undoubtedly the dolmens, but before that in the Amur region yet did not find. This is interesting. You need to go and explore all over the place,” replied the reserve staff in the letter head of the sector of archeology Scientifically-the industrial centre on protection and use of monuments of history and culture of the Khabarovsk Krai Arthur Laskin.

Experts admit that the dolmens found in the territory of the reserve is not the only one. This is indicated by indirect evidence.