The earliest period of the history of Azerbaijan
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Gothic style
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What to visit when traveling to Spain. Barcelona, Sevilla, Córdoba

Barcelona is well known the world for its football teams, both professional and Amateur. Largely thanks to the summer Olympic games of 1992, the city upgraded and are successfully operating two five-star stadium – camp Nou and the Olympic. The capacity of camp Nou is 99.354 the audience – this suggests that the sports stadium is the largest in all of Europe. Visit “soccer city” in the UK – Manchester, Edinburgh and Liverpool. and after visiting their stadiums, uncle Gem was very surprised at the immense size of the camp Nou stadium.

The camp Nou is the largest stadium in all of Europe

Casino in Barcelona

The largest and most popular gambling houses in Barcelona Barcelona is the Casino. Here, near the shores of the Mediterranean, gambling offers an amazing complex with bars, restaurants, clubs and colorful performances. The players all roulette, baccarat, blackjack, slots, craps, La Boule and many other gambling games, however rules all in Casino Barcelona poker. The world most prestigious poker tournaments including the World Tournament, as well as daily sports meeting in Texas hold’em have turned the school into Mezhdunarodnye excitement.

A small town in the South of Spain is the capital of the Autonomous community of Andalusia and of the province. According to numerous legends, the Greek hero Hercules involved in the creation of this settlement.

Among the architectural sights of Seville stands out the Cathedral Maria de La sede, built in the early XVI century. The Cathedral is 76 m wide and 116 in length, and is the third largest Christian Cathedral in the world, and of Gothic buildings – the largest. They say that the main cross of the Cathedral is made of gold brought by Columbus from America during his legendary discoveries. Ministers Maria de La sede also claims that the walls of the Church keep not only gold, but also the remains of a prominent Navigator.

Seville Cathedral

Beautiful places and buildings in Seville you can find almost on every street, but uncle Hamb is recommended to first visit the alcázar of Seville. The fortress Palace is an example of Moorish fantasy and is a Mudejar alteration of the citadel. Built in 1369, the Palace more than 600 years faithfully served the Spanish kings. Unusual floors, ceilings and walls are striking in the subtlety of their design and unusual style, which is seen in each element. Supplement the feeling of the Royal Palace magnificent gardens with roses and orange trees.

The Palace-fortress of Seville Alcazar

After this architectural splendor can be visited and less majestic sights of Seville – exchange with the famous American archive, a school building of San Telmo, founded by Christopher Columbus, the Museum of fine arts, the Palace of the Archbishop and twelve-a tower of gold.

Beautiful modern landmark of Seville is the bridge of Alamillo. Unusual design brought to life by renowned Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava in 1992.

Education and culture of Seville

The city is famous for its educational institutions, especially the University of Seville and the University Pablo de Olavide. The first was founded in 1505 and today is one of the largest educational institutions in Spain. The University administration works in the historical building of the Royal tobacco factory, and the disciples spread out among various buildings. University Pablo de Olavide was founded in 1997, but during the short period of its existence managed to collect more than 11.000 students.

Almost no one knows, but it is in Seville are action six famous operas: “Le nozze di Figaro” and “don Giovanni” by Mozart, “Carmen” by Bizet, “the Force of destiny” by Verdi, “Fidelio” by Beethoven and “the Barber of Seville” by Rossini.

The Casino Of Seville

It is difficult to say exactly how the casino works in Seville, but uncle gambo managed to find only two gambling establishments, and one of them was quite far from the city. The school Casino Aljarafe is 10 minutes ‘ drive from the centre. Casino club has 25 gaming tables, distributed on baccarat. poker and blackjack. and 100 one-arm bandits. Also, players can play roulette and craps (dice). This is the casino of Seville warmly welcomes the guests and in addition to gambling entertainment offers relaxation in one of the two hotels, as well as excellent international dishes in the restaurant.

Second gambling club Sevilla – Casino Bahia De Cadiz is located in 104 km from the city centre. Takes just over an hour, but the school is significant smaller than its closer rival Casino Aljarafe offers 35 slot machines and 9 tables for blackjack, roulette and poker.

A journey around the hot streets of Cordoba – the attractions of the city

The city of Cordoba, founded in the time of Roman rule, has retained an amazing amount of architectural and historical monuments, most of which today is located in the Old town.

The most popular tourist attraction of Cordoba is an ancient mosque, called in the XIII century Cathedral of St. Mary. Hundreds of thousands of tourists each year come to the city just for the sake of the Cathedral, which is a wonderful synthesis of Eastern and Western architecture. The construction of the mosque began in 785 on the site of an ancient Basilica, but due to the constant growth of the city’s population structure has been repeatedly extended and increased. As a result of numerous reconstructions, the building of the mosque turned out to be 130 to 180 meters with the height of the walls from 8 to 20 meters.

St Mary’s Cathedral in Cordoba

Another interesting place in Cordoba is the Alcazar fortress, popularly known as the fortress of the Christian kings. Alcazar managed to see in my lifetime a huge number of wars and battles, until in 1236 was converted into a Royal residence by Ferdinand III. After, the building was used as a prison and military base, and in 1994 joined the list of UNESCO cultural heritage.

The alcázar in córdoba

Especially surprised uncle Gemba Merced Palace, considered one of the best examples of Baroque architecture. The current appearance of the Palace of Cordoba is the result of perestroika in the eighteenth century, some changes from 1850 when the building was turned into the shelter, and additions in 1960, after the building was at the disposal of the city administration. Sadly, in 1978 the Palace was badly damaged by arson, organized crazy person. Its reconstruction continues to this day.

Deserves the attention of tourists and the 16-arch Roman bridge across the Guadalquivir river. The bridge was built by the Romans during the reign of Octavian Augustus and was an important strategic element, as it was only one land point, through which it was possible to cross the pond. At the South end of the bridge is the Calahorra tower, the oldest of all the fortresses of córdoba.

The Jewish quarter of córdoba

Cordova is a cosmopolitan city and accommodates in its territory multiple cultures, but the Jewish quarter in Cordoba is an important and extremely beautiful landmark. For five centuries in the Spanish settlement of Jews, which left a large number of buildings, including the synagogue. The building was built in the XIV century, but after the expulsion of the Jews who has not agreed to accept Catholicism, the synagogue was used for other purposes.

In addition to the above attractions of Cordoba, Gambler recommends visiting El Cristo de Los Faroles the crucifixion is in an enclosed area, the archaeological Museum with the world’s largest collection of lead sarcophagi, and another amazingly beautiful place Cordoba – Arab Fort Calahorra.

Casino Cordoba

Despite the large number of attractions, Cordoba visits not so many tourists. On the territory of the city gambo uncle managed to find only one casino in which PM were unusually interesting and profitable. Howard Johnson Sierras Hotel and Casino is a four-star hotel complex with a casino, swimming pools, sauna, tennis courts and numerous beauty salons. At the disposal of gamblers a few dozen slot machines and tables for poker, baccarat, blackjack and roulette.

No matter how corny it sounds, but Spain really is an outstanding country. It’s beautiful and interested in everything: nature allows you to feel easy and relaxed, modern facility offering the best service, and the many sights amaze with their long and interesting history. It does not matter in what Spanish city is a tourist, as even the smallest village can delight and amaze your guests.