It is possible to allocate three major areas related to the development of underground space of the metropolis: the laying of transport and communication tunnels for the creation of infrastructure;…

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The megaliths of Donbass - the legacy of ancient Hyperborea?
In the vicinity of the village Donskoye of Volnovakha district - unsightly rocky soil, where the surface of granite rocks. And yet there is a lot of randomly placed rock…

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It is the oldest city in France

It is possible to call Him the oldest city in all of France – this is an exaggeration, but it preserved most of the buildings extant from the times of Romans and Gauls. It was here, on the hill, fountains in the Park are the remains of the oldest Roman buildings, Dating back to around 16 BC.

It is located in the heart of the Gard Department and is on the river Rhone, which extends the Provence. The city was founded by the legionaries of Caesar, who had just returned from conquests of Egypt. Maybe that’s why the city’s symbols are the palm and the crocodile – as the Legionnaires were impressed by what they had seen Nile crocodiles that decided to make him a symbol of a new settlement.

The main attraction is the amphitheater, which has been preserved much better than other similar buildings. He is much less famous Roman Colosseum and has only two levels. However, he was not injured in any wars, so don’t keeps the traces of bullets and potholes as was the case with the Colosseum. The amphitheatre in Nimes valid, and can still fit on their benches up to 20 thousand people. It still holds bull fights, however, nobody’s killing anybody – it’s just krasochnymi with Spanish flavor. Bulls participate in two festivals that are held here in February and at the end of September. The first holiday is the week of carnival, and the second is the celebration of the grape harvest.

Generally in Nimes can feel the Spanish spirit. There are a lot of Spanish cafes and bars, quite popular sangria and Spanish music.

The amphitheatre of nîmes is the main tourist landmark, begin here: all routes of exploring the city. In addition, the ticket purchased at the entrance to the amphitheatre, entitle also to visit the other attractions of the city. However, the list varies depending on the time of year, because in winter many facilities are closed to the public.

At any time of the year you can see the Square house. This building in the Roman style with columns and statues. In the likeness of this building was constructed many buildings around the world – from the U.S. Capitol and ending at the houses of culture in the USSR. In Square’s house shows, and the ticket purchased in the amphitheater, you can visit the cinema where a film is shown in 3D, telling about the history of Nimes. Winter square with ice skating, although the snow and cold weather here. Square opposite the house is a Museum of modern art.

From Square house guests of the city usually go to the Anthony side of the square, where stands his statue, and then, turning to a shadowy alley, go to the garden fountains. This magnificent Park was created in the heyday of landscape art in France in the late eighteenth century. Therefore, along the paths planted with shrubs, flowerbeds and several statues. Wrapped around the hill on which is located the Park of Fountains, the path leads to its top, where stands another ancient building is the tower man. Near the tower is the temple of Diana. On the same single tickets can rise to the top of the tower, with a height to see the city stretching below, is penetrated by alleys with trees.

In addition to these main attractions of neem, here you can visit several museums – the Museum of fine arts, archaeological or natural history Museum. At the end of the Boulevard Courbet gate are Roman another Roman influence in this city.