Located 385 km North-East of Madrid and 160 km South-East of Bilbao, the Basque name of Iruna. The capital of Navarra is also world famous for the race of bulls…

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Sagrada Familia – the travel kind or the greatest building of our time?
About Sagrada Name or the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is written very much. This “must see” is visited annually by millions of people from all over the world. The oldest…

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Presents some data on the structure of the Sloan great wall

Astrophysics from Estonia, Spain and Finland reviewed the structure and composition of the superclusters of galaxies that comprise the so-called Great wall of Sloan (Sloan Great Wall, SGW).

SGW is considered the major longer than one billion light years — and a powerful system of galaxies in the local Universe. Comparing the results of observations of such giant structures with the predictions of cosmological models, can detect interesting patterns, however, SGW, since the opening which it has been seven years, studied pretty bad.

Sloan great wall on the map, obtained by processing the data of the study 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey (figure W. Schaap et al. 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey).

Wall combines several superclusters of galaxies, and in the new work discusses two such objects: SCl 126, the largest supercluster in the SGW, SCl 111. When comparing these selected representatives of the SGW it was found that they significantly differ in shape. SCl 126 (and especially its core, the densest region SGW) is reminiscent of a thread, and SCl 111 — a set of individual sections of high density connected by “chains” of galaxies.

To clearly separate the first from the second supercluster can and galactic composition, as demonstrated on the example of the bright red galaxies (galaxy brightred, BRG). BRG, about a third of which are classified as spiral, usually located in groups, and in the core of SCl 126 such groups are of large size than on its borders or in the supercluster SCl 111. In addition, groups with a large number of BRG can be found in any area of 126 SCl, SCl 111 they occur only in extremely dense plots. Finally, in the core of a novel SCl 126 (own) speed elliptical BRG exceed speed spiral, whereas at its periphery and in the supercluster SCl 111 the opposite is true.

Selected astrophysicists inconsistencies indicate that superclusters in the SGW composition have a completely different history of formation and evolutionary paths. The Wall itself, thus, it cannot be considered a real physical structure: it is a simple assemblage of large galactic systems.