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The most mysterious manuscript in the world.

A breakthrough in the attempt to decipher a mysterious 600-year-old Voynich manuscript, written in an unknown language. The Voynich manuscript, considered to be the most mysterious document in the world, was written in the 15th century and rediscovered in 1912. Since then, scientists, cryptographers and codebreakers were unable to read single letters or words of the text.

Now a professional linguist Stephen Bax (Stephen Bax) said that it has unraveled 10 words, which could lead to further discoveries.

Known throughout the world the manuscript is full of illustrations of plants, stars, mysterious people, and its pages written in an unfamiliar language. There have been many theories regarding the text. Some thought it the work of Leonardo da Vinci, written when he was a boy, secrets of the Cathars – the lost people of Israel, the Aztecs, and even space aliens.

Professor Bax began to unravel the mystery of the Voynich manuscript using his knowledge of medieval manuscripts and their similarity with Semitic languages such as Arabic. Using linguistic analysis, he worked on the manuscript letter by letter.

Among the words which he had deciphered, was the term for Taurus, with a pattern of seven stars which represent the Pleiades (the star cluster in the constellation Taurus), and together illustration centaury and other plants.

The Voynich manuscript – the most mysterious book

· The Voynich manuscript contains over 170 000 glyphs. most of which are written with a simple pen strokes.

· The majority of manuscripts are written using an alphabet of 30 letters. Analysis of the text showed that the language design is similar to the design of natural human language.

· Illustrations of the text suggest that the manuscript can be divided into 6 sections covering the topics of human biology, herbs, astronomy, cosmology, recipes, and medicine.

All of this indicates that the Voynich manuscript is not a hoax, and the first steps in his unraveling will help him to decipher.

The Manuscript Of Voynich. The most mysterious manuscript in the world.

The Voynich manuscript is the most mysterious book in the world. All 234 pages of scribbled unintelligible words, made up of mysterious letters, drawings images not existing on the Earth of plants, star charts and naked women, which we also found. About the attempts of scientists to understand what the manuscript narrates.