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Waterproofing of underground structures with the use of gel injection

Almost any designer, engineer or owner of a historic building faced with problems related to constant dampness of external walls of underground structures. For long-term use of injectable materials specialists Sashimi, we have accumulated vast experience in the field of waterproofing of underground rooms, which makes it safe to say – the work on elimination of this problem are not as expensive and lengthy as it might seem at first glance.

To save old buildings, monuments and just emergency residential and commercial buildings – use a wide range of injection materials and technologies. For effective rehabilitation of resort to the following ways:

From the outside the structure is applied to the exterior waterproofing

In underground or basement waterproofing is internal

The seal of the building structure inside the building.

The use of different combinations of technologies at inhomogeneous nature of the defects

Seal designs are injectable gels

The development of modern construction technologies in the field of work with injectable materials allows you to choose for sealing and waterproofing of underground structures the method that most effectively will prevent the penetration of moisture. As a result, we are left with a design that has a sealed and solid structure. The purpose of the use of injectable methods and technologies is a barrier to moisture penetration due to the overlap of voids and capillaries.

Nowadays more popular are the following materials:

Injection materials containing solvents



Injecting the enamel, obtained by melting

Acrylate gels

As a result of years of improvement methylacrylate gels, they have the following distinguishing features and characteristics:

the low viscosity of the injection mixture

high reaction speed

applied elasticity (response ) of the material

resistance to external influences

the lack of negative impact on the environment.

Using this type of gels waterproofing of underground structures and sealing, it is necessary to pay close attention to the material resistance to acids, salt brines, and other chemical influences. This is their main distinguishing characteristic.

Applications of injectable gels

Injectable gels are very widespread in our time in the waterproofing of underground structures, and compaction, are quite popular and in demand in the construction material. They are applied when sealing the voids in a body of horizontally oriented surfaces, an inner sealing and waterproofing horizontal surfaces of injection systems for blocking access in the design of capillary moisture.

The injection procedure is carried out through the injection channels, which proveryayutsya at a small distance from each other. The channels have an inclination of 30-45 degrees. The pressure grouting shall conform to the design type and is usually from 5 to 30 bar.

Seal voids in the body vertically oriented and vaulted structures

This type of injection is done with the aim of achieving watertight structures, as well as at constant penetration and subsequent accumulation of moisture in its inner voids. As in the case of the sealing of horizontal surfaces in this type of work of injection channels are inclined. The important point is the fact that the surface itself does not proveryaetsya through. The injection procedure for the purpose of waterproofing is done in channels, in the order from lower to upper packers.

The outer seal zone of the wall/ground

When working with large underground structures, which have a significant number of serious of through defects with internal cavities large and medium volumes, the most effective way to seal and waterproof exterior is injection in the area of the wall/ground. The use of this method is possible with thick brick walls.

Work on the injection methylacrylate gel carried out from the interior, through the thickness of the structure to the area of contact of the walls with the ground. Injection material is distributed on the outer surface of the structure, cross-cutting between the outputs of injection channels. Provided that the injection technology, the outside of the underground structure appears gel “membrane” .