It is known that previously could exist on Earth at different times of a highly developed civilization with its culture, traditions, knowledge, technology. Their traces are found in the form…

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Expedition to the Ustyurt plateau
This was the first trip taken by the author. The group in addition to the author, while the fourth-year student of geological faculty of Moscow state pedagogical University, was already…

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The Attractions Of Barcelona

Barcelona was founded over 2000 years ago, so the architecture was completely under Roman influence, which gave a positive impetus to the further development of art. Special attention should be paid to sights created by the world famous architect Gaudi and other famous sites, created in the period of Catalan modernism. It is interesting to know that many of them are objects of world Heritage UNESCO.

The Picasso Museum is an elegant landmark of Barcelona

In Barcelona in the famous street “Carrer Montcada” is the Picasso Museum. Earlier the Museum there were two palaces, which in XV century was turned into one luxurious landmark dedicated to the memory of Picasso. Here is one of the most comprehensive collections of works written in his youth, and in the formative years of Picasso as a professional artist. He stayed in Barcelona for 5 years (1901-1906.), but was able to leave behind one of the most visited and most beautiful attractions. The Museum includes a collection of children’s portraits and pictures; just pictures and true works of art “blue” and “pink” periods of creativity of the musician.

La Rambla is full of street sights of Barcelona

La Rambla is one of the most famous streets not only in Barcelona but throughout Europe.This street is a long continuous pedestrian Avenue that runs through the “old city” of Barcelona from Plaza Catalunya to the city’s port! Here are cafés, restaurants, shops and boutiques, but the main part is occupied by numerous places of interest. The most famous tourist place here is the Palace of the famous architect Gaudi. Also the enormous popularity of the Gothic Cathedral, Placa Reial and various small plazas where visitors can sit down on a bench and relax, enjoying views of the sights of Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia (La Sagrada Familia) – the inimitable attraction of Barcelona!

The full name of this amazing Church “Expiatory temple of the Holy Family”. We can say that this is one of the most intriguing attractions of Catalonia. The construction of the Church began in 1882, and full completion will be approximately in 2026! The design of this fantastic building was designed by the architect Francisco del Villar, who was later replaced by the modernist Antoni gaudí, who was proud of his Masterpiece, as he liked to call this attraction. One of the important factors of such a long construction of the Church is the decision to Finance the construction site only through the donations of parishioners. The interior of this Church is not inferior to the appearance of sights, because it is executed in a completely not inherent in the reasons for those times. This unique feature and was the main factor for the immense popularity among tourists! It is interesting to know that in 2006 the construction of the temple was attended by about 2.2 million people, which was a record for all history of existence of this inimitable attractions of Barcelona . Don’t forget to include the Sagrada Familia on a tour of the Spanish capital.

The sights of the Gothic quarter of Barcelona

Gothic quarter (Barri Gòtic ) is the oldest quarter of Barcelona. This unique labyrinth of narrow streets adorned with spectacular Gothic buildings, cathedrals and other places of interest. Previously, it was a fortified Roman settlement the main attraction of which was and is a huge Gothic Cathedral La seu, with its unique interior and spectacular exterior views of Barcelona. The Gothic quarter is also full of souvenir shops and delightful cafes that fit perfectly into the architecture of the surrounding attractions. In our tour You can see the remains of the ancient Roman city, an important part of which was the Gothic quarter. In this quarter be sure to visit one of the most popular museums in Barcelona “d Història de la Ciutat in the Palau Real”. In it is preserved the remains of the ancient Roman streets of the Gothic.

Architecture of Ancient China.
The architectural structures of Ancient China both in terms of appearance and building design differ significantly from those of classical architectural monuments of the West. One of the differences is…

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It is possible to allocate three major areas related to the development of underground space of the metropolis: the laying of transport and communication tunnels for the creation of infrastructure;…