Cyclopean stones
"The civilization of the Cyclopes? Until the end of the twentieth century, it wouldn't occur to me that the mythical Cyclops existed actually. However, a sensational discovery in Texas (USA)…

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Architecture of Ancient China.
The architectural structures of Ancient China both in terms of appearance and building design differ significantly from those of classical architectural monuments of the West. One of the differences is…

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It is known that previously could exist on Earth at different times of a highly developed civilization with its culture, traditions, knowledge, technology. Their traces are found in the form of stone structures of astonishing grandeur. The greatest interest at the present time makes people legendary Egyptian pyramid of the Pharaoh Cheops. It has at its base a square of 250 x 250 m and a height of 150 m. It was constructed on the basis of more ancient pyramids (outlier), which is about 50% of the total volume of the pyramid. The superstructure of the pyramid was carried out with large stone blocks weighing up to 2.5 tons. The purpose and methods of the construction of this and other ancient circular pyramids is still being debated.

The word “pyramid” in a semantic translation the Greeks understood as “fire inside”. Modern research shows that across the top of the pyramid from the top down is held vertical energocell (the invisible fire). These channels of energy flows available to the trees and temples of all religions. The pyramids were built over the tombs of the ancient rulers of countries and peoples in different parts of the planet, through their energy channels to establish sustainable related to the noospheric (reasonable) layers of the earth and ancestral spirits. Modern churches will perform a similar role for energy-connection with their spiritual centres, working on their vibration frequency.

The pyramids and other structures over the tombs had a variety of forms and architectureguide depending on the terrain, traditions and level of development (see Fig. at the end of the article).

For example, in a mountainous area of the tomb was built under the top of the mountains, and the very top was turned into a pyramid, Sphinx or other religious building (Fig. 1-5). The entrances to the tomb was securely immured or destroyed. Sometimes on the slopes of such mountains were made related (main) cave burials, with the installation of heavy stone pillars-menhirs. Such burials are available on the slopes of the Caucasus mountains, where groups of stone pillars called “stone warriors” accompanying their ruler (Fig. 5, 20). For group burials were sometimes built elongated (Fig. 17) stone or bulk of the pyramid. This was used for and side branches ranges of hills, for example, in Tuva (Russia) (Fig. 6).

To create tombs in the lowland areas, including the plateau, built the pyramids, Sphinx and other constructions from monolithic or block of stone. The shape of the pyramid had a variety of forms: at the base is square, rectangular, polyhedral, circular, and the side view is cubic, graduated, triangular, in the form of a gabled pagodas, pride, etc. (Fig. 7-16, 21) near Samarkand are elongated pyramids 250 x 150 m and a height of about 30 m. the corners of which are four towers. They are composed of mud brick (Fig. 17). Such a pyramid (with towers in the corners), but Bo?higher sizes of stone, is located in Cuba (beach of Jibacoa in Havana). Besides Egypt and America stepped pyramid of stone can be seen in the near Murom, Russia to Tver region. and other places. Surprisingly great is their diversity. For example, the ancient monolithic stone pyramids, burial mounds, can be seen near the Great lakes of Canada and the USA, in the North of Russia (Fig. 6,7) and other places on the planet. In Siberia over the tombs 2,5-7 thousand years ago were created by dozens of giant statues of solid stone (sphinxes and other figures), which is now called “Krasnoyarsk pillars” (Fig. 7, 8, 23). About 6 thousand years ago by a major earthquake, many of them have suffered, as well as underground tunnels that existed there. The creation of ancient standing today. In the USA, near the border of Arizona and new Mexico on level ground in several places towering red rock formations, which are sometimes car races (Fig. 9). Studies show that these rocks are a kind of “pyramids”, is gradually crumbling. The best preserved rock formations are strictly high vertical walls many tens of meters under the ground to form a cone (pyramid top to bottom), where is the tomb. These rock formations were combined with a total network of underground tunnels that ran to a common center (the city).