Gothic in architecture
After the fall of the Western Roman Empire in Europe began the so-called dark ages, during which many barbarian tribes did their Orgy on the remains of the Roman cultural…

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Fastiv Church
Rogoźno V. Fastiv Church Construction and reconstruction of 7 November 2003 (No. 11) P. 49 The first Roman Catholic Church in Fastiv appeared in the late XVI century. Then, in…

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Cyclopean stones

“The civilization of the Cyclopes? Until the end of the twentieth century, it wouldn’t occur to me that the mythical Cyclops existed actually. However, a sensational discovery in Texas (USA) shocked scientists around the world. The fact is that paleontologists Victor Pacheco and Martin fried during a vacation in big Band-Country decided to combine the pleasant with the useful and explored one of the caves, and found the remains of a creature rising to about 2.5 m and weighing 300 kg, in the skull, which in the middle of the forehead there was just one socket. The bone age about 10 thousand years. Scientists were able for the skeleton to reproduce the appearance of substance. I must say, his appearance was fully consistent with the description of the mythical creature.

…Remind: Homer is portrayed Cyclops (also called ciclope) cruel giants and pointed out that they live in caves, engaged in the breeding of livestock ” (Nepomnyashchy N. N “one Hundred great mysteries of the ancient world”, Moscow; “Assembly” 2008, pp. 11-12).

Thus, these Cyclops are not animals, and obviously people, as was breeding cattle. At the same time, among the aliens discovered the Cyclops. These Cyclops, also joined the space. It means they have reached a high level of civilization.

It should be noted two fundamental circumstances.

First, the existence of animals Cyclops.

Second – life Cyclops-people on Earth and in Space (on one planet).

In the first case, animals on Earth already, but estheticienne evidence of their existence in the past, plus some bone remains.

Men-Cyclops, in his time, formed themselves from a side branch of animals-Cyclops. That way, it is possible to conduct proofs about the existence of the original ancestors of the people of Cyclops, and then on the basis of their animals-Cyclops.

“However, the first Indo-Europeans came into Europe about 5000 years ago, thought megalithic constructions already very ancient. According to legends, they were built by giants. The ancient Greeks believed that they were created by the Cyclopes – one-eyed giants. Hence they called these buildings, built of huge, sometimes multi-ton cyclopean stones.

So, on the island of Malta in the Mediterranean still preserved very ancient cyclopean structures” (A. Belov, 2008, p. 29). But there are other information about the authorship of all structures of multi-ton stones (see Chapter on Construction).

If there are Cyclops-alien men-Cyclops, once lived on the Earth, the side branch of the animal is the Cyclops, should be required.

“We had a chance to get acquainted with the old hunter-Evenk, whose ancestors roamed this area for hundreds of years – according to ufologists. Something he’s heard about the explosions: if at first from the ground escapes to the sky pillar of fire with clouds of dust, then the dust thickens into a dense cloud, through which is visible only a dazzling fireball.

…He told that somewhere in the area of the interfluves Nyurgun Bootur and Tardak out of the land of Peeps “very large” triangular iron jail, and in Mesopotamia Gelugur have an iron hole, and lie “thin, black eyed people in the iron clothes”.

Where did these “objects” in these places? Here’s one of the working hypotheses: the “object” came to us after destruction of the Phaeton is a hypothetical planet that once sushestvovala between Mars and Jupiter” (Nepomnyashchy N. N. One hundred great mysteries of nature. M.; Veche. 2008, p. 9).