Waterproofing of underground structures with the use of gel injection
Almost any designer, engineer or owner of a historic building faced with problems related to constant dampness of external walls of underground structures. For long-term use of injectable materials specialists…

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Located 385 km North-East of Madrid and 160 km South-East of Bilbao, the Basque name of Iruna. The capital of Navarra is also world famous for the race of bulls…

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Kitaevo is one of the most beautiful and mysterious places in Kiev

Above the entrance to the caves built a tiny little chapel. Go to them on weekdays from 10.00 till 15.00 on weekends and religious holidays from 12.00 to 15.00. Visitors are greeted by a strict priest-monk. The entrance to the caves is free, but you should buy a candle. In the dungeon she will be the only lighting and create the right mood. To the question: “Can I take pictures in the caves?” – father said that it is possible, but only for himself, not for publication.

The cave entrance is a square hole in the floor, like a cellar. Steep steps down into the darkness. And there – in different directions the narrow passages, the two have not always gone. Branching, turns, dead ends. The maze stretches over 100 meters. The ceiling directly overhead. Now suddenly collapse? In some places hang above the roots of plants.

The first few minutes only one desire – to get out of here instantly. Even a little panic. In the caves quietly, almost no one. The pitch darkness around and only a thin suchecka in his hand. Going along a narrow track, before turning suddenly in the wall suddenly appears the male face. Unexpected and scary. Then everything is explained – behind the wall of the cell, it came man, the visitor, and you can see it through a window in the wall. Cell is a tiny little bench, a shelf for icons and candles – all dug in the ground.

Svetlana tells how recently overheard in Kitaevo a conversation between two teenagers. They with research zeal has been sitting in peserico a few hours. Wanted to realize that felt a bit reclusive. Below ground they sometimes covered the extraordinary peace and tranquility, the sense of time disappeared, thoughts do not distract from sensations. They noticed that they are not going to leave the caves. It is their Scarecrow.

After the dungeon – a great happiness to find again the light, space and freedom. Eventually, of course, understand that there is not scary, but on the contrary very calmly. Starts pulling to go back there again. Also interesting – in the caves are not cold, although, of course, no heating there.

By the way, to get in Kitaevo easily and quickly. 470 bus goes from the metro station Arsenalna, via metro station “Pecherskaya”, and “Friendship of peoples”, further through the Moscow area. The path from the metro station “Friendship of peoples” took 25 minutes. The fare is 2.50 UAH. Get off at the stop “Kitaevo”. For the nine-turn right.

The snow piled up, heaped up our plans to go through more forest trails of Kitaevo in Holosievo. Therefore, the beauty of the Goloseevskiy forest, the monastery “Goloseevskaya deserts” and a dinner in the monastery’s tea had to be postponed until more suitable weather.