Architecture of Ancient China.
The architectural structures of Ancient China both in terms of appearance and building design differ significantly from those of classical architectural monuments of the West. One of the differences is…

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Mysterious underground tunnels
Mysterious underground tunnels are found on all continents. Experts are convinced that this is a very ancient constructions. But it is still unknown who built and for what purpose. Moves…

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Brasov – the Romanian Salzburg

Because on the last day before leaving to go skiing I couldn’t because of an injured leg, and until evening we had to do something, I decided to go to t the th writecheck the capital of Transylvania – Brasov, located in 12 kilometers from Poiana Brasov, and slowly, literally on one leg to read it. In the old days the town was known as Brasco, Brasso, Stephanopolis, Kronstadt, and from 1950 to 1960 was called Orasul Stalin (in honor of Joseph Stalin). Today Brasov is often referred to as the Romanian Salzburg, because the appearance of the old part of the city fancy mixed Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and late style of national romanticism.

Pjaca Sfatului, or Council house, is the oldest and the most famous square of Brasov, where there is a large number of medieval buildings, historical and architectural monuments of different times – from the 14th to the 19th century. In the middle of Place Sfatului is a former city Council with a peaked tower of the 15th century, inside which houses the historical Museum.

City hall

Along the perimeter of the square surrounded by old buildings, most of which are UNESCO world cultural heritage site by UNESCO.

One of these buildings – the Church of the Dormition of the virgin (Catedrala Ortodoxa), which prekraschaetsya framed by old houses. It was built in 1896 and decorated in the Byzantine style, echoing, according to experts, the Greek Church of Vienna.

Also the area offers a wonderful view of the Black Church – the most recognizable landmarks in Brasov.

Black St. Mary’s Church ( Schwarze Kirche ) is the largest Gothic building in Romania. Its name (Black) it derives from the darkened after a fire in 1689 the walls.

The clock tower is decorated with the evangelists.

The monument to the German thinker Johannes Honterus (1498-1549). It was erected in 1898 to celebrate the 400th anniversary since the birth of the humanist, to whom is attributed the beginning of worship in the Black Church in the German language.

Catherine’s gate (Poarta Ecaterinei) were built in 1559 for defensive purposes on the site of the old gate destroyed by the flood of 1526. They got their name from here once stood the monastery of St. Catherine.

It is the only city gate of Brasov, Dating from the middle ages.

Schei gate (ROM. Poarta Schei) are located near gate Catherine and separates the old town from the Schei district. It was built in 1827-1828, by order of the Austrian Emperor Franz First with the increase of traffic flow through Brasov. Since their construction nearby Catherine’s gate were closed for traffic and used only as a warehouse.

Behind the gates Schei can see such a wonderful view.

Synagogue Brasov.

Next to the synagogue is a kosher restaurant, café and a community house.

Sforii Strada (Strada sforii) – translated from Romanian sounds like the outside of a Rope. This is the most narrow street of the city, and some believe her and the narrowest in Europe, although it is wider Prayerhouse in German Reutlingen, and Parliament street in Exeter is English. Strada width of Sforii in the most narrow place – 111 cm, at its widest it reaches 135 cm, the length of the street is about 80 meters. Strada-Storyi was supposedly built in the 16th century as a special corridor for firefighters, it was first mentioned in documents from the 17th century. Initially, despite its technical purpose, it looks like a real street: pavement paved, on street facing Windows of houses, in the evenings it is lit by lanterns. In 2003, the city authorities have renovated the streets, held lighting, and hung a sign. She currently is a tourist attraction of the city

Postnovogodnyaya atmosphere.

Tampa mountain (height about 1000 meters above sea level.m.), facing wall for tile roofs of the old town.

Why not Hollywood. -)

Local cats. By the way animals are fattened and not shy.

Neotrestavrirovannym buildings gives the narrow streets a certain charm.

Interesting combination: crosses and satellite dish.

Old tiled roofs of Brasov.

The Municipality Of Brasov.

The most lively part of the old center is a pedestrian street of the Republic (Strada Republici), running in a North-easterly direction from the Piazza Sfatului. Here and in the surrounding alleyways full of shops, restaurants and bars.

Making a circle around the old town again you get to the Piazza Sfatului.

One of the side streets. How beautiful. Get to the end and upiraetsya uphill.

The dog stood for a long time. As I have not looked up, did not understand what she had seen.

On the hill rises the castle of Brasov. Its first building dates back to the year 1524.

To get there did not work, because the foot was swollen and finally had to hobble to the bus stop and go to Poiana Brasov to catch the train to the Shuttle to the airport.

Another interesting building near the bus station stop “Livada Postei”

In General, the city leaves a very favorable impression. To be honest I didn’t expect it so I like.

The construction of garages, extensions, houses, cottages. Sell prefabricated huts.
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Ancient underground structures
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