It is possible to allocate three major areas related to the development of underground space of the metropolis: the laying of transport and communication tunnels for the creation of infrastructure;…

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The construction of the dam.
40 years ago, December 19, 1973, in the construction of the Cheboksary hydroelectric complex was laid the first cubic meter of concrete The construction of the Cheboksary hydroelectric power station…

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The mysterious tunnels of the Log

On the outskirts of the village Bolshoi Log, Aksai district, there is an amazing place, hidden from prying eyes by high hills. However, local residents and so pass by his side: so a lot goes about it different hearings…

Accompanied by the head of the Rostov non-Profit anomalous phenomena service, Andrei Policeman and adventurer Dmitry Mokrushina correspondent “AIF” went to see the mysterious underground tunnels that go deep into one of the don hills.

Who built the underground facilities?

Not knowing exactly where these tunnels, finding them is not easy. Four blackish entrance masked the surrounding hills and dense vegetation. In front of the gaping earth holes — a small flat area. Once the entrances to the tunnels were laid: in places even remained stone walls, subsequently destroyed those who like to climb on the caves.

Surprised by the device of underground facilities: a completely flat, never branching out and interconnected tunnels run parallel to each other. Who and for what purpose they were built, could not figure out. They say that these caves were dug by the military in the middle of the last century, about the same years, when he built the underground Headquarters of the Squaw in the Mukhina gully. Indeed, the tunnels in techniques very similar to those in which near underground bunker once housed a secret lab (we talked about them last fall, in No. 40).But the tunnels Log a much bigger and more spacious.

Perhaps this is some test tunnels in which experienced underground construction equipment before you begin the construction of a military bunker — suggests Dmitry Mokrushin. — And maybe some part of the secret laboratories, immediately before the Aksai hand.

However, unlike Aksay dungeons in tunnels of a Large Log we did not find any military equipment. Only at the end of one tunnel goes up ventilation.

Ghosts of the underground — aliens from parallel worlds?

— The first tunnel is the most mysterious of all, — says Andrey the Policeman. Here like to gather esoteric — be recharged with positive energy. And here often see ghosts — high three semi-transparent male figure wearing hoods. To be afraid of these ghosts: a meeting with them bodes well for positive changes in life. Some even appear unusual ability. Where did these ghosts, what is the reason of their appearance, nobody knows. There is a theory that some aliens from parallel worlds. When changing energy field, we measured his testimony by a sensor of electromagnetic fields. Although in theory there should not be any radiation: a layer of soil on top of the tunnels serves as a protective screen. Interestingly, the appearance of ghostly figures, the time code on the cameras cease to count the time, but people feel the cold is not subjective, but real. We were here with the Moscow TV reporters in the middle of autumn, the heat was. Now, at a time when the instruments recorded a change of electromagnetic field, cameras picked up that people from their mouths went pairs.

Despite the fact that the ghosts we haven’t seen in a few photos from where I took the clubs whitish mist. And even those semi-transparent balls that a well-known researcher of anomalous phenomena, Professor Muldashev, calls energy bunches, pictures and does not count. That might be true in these dungeons there’s something otherworldly?

However, the tunnel has become a favorite destination of white mages and psychics, interesting not only esoteric, but also in aesthetic terms. Traces from machines vyryvshih this tunnel, remaining in their dead-end wall, delight: the concentric circles is more like a surreal painting than the creation of soulless technology.

— Not far from this blissful places to eat and bad — Andrew takes us to the arched entrance to other man-made dungeon. — They say that once there stood a house built in the XIX century and belonging to the powerful ezotericheskoe order. Several rooms vaulted cellar is all that remains of the old mansion. Once this location was sinister rites and even sacrifices. During the great Patriotic war, local residents were hiding in this dungeon, so its walls are in some places, with cement mortar so that the stones do not fall out. Here and now love to get the black magicians and sorcerers. The energy here is heavy, and I do not advise anyone here to be long. A real resident evil