Gothic in Ukraine
One of the most interesting periods of the history of architecture of Ukraine — the end of XIV — first half XV century. On the Western lands that are less…

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Located 385 km North-East of Madrid and 160 km South-East of Bilbao, the Basque name of Iruna. The capital of Navarra is also world famous for the race of bulls…

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Gothic style

Gothic (from the name of the Germanic tribe is ready) style (1150-1500) is represented in various art forms. But it is most fully manifested in the architecture: One of the highest achievements of the Gothic style — the Gothic cathedrals. Powerful columns crowned with pointed arches, huge Windows with colored glass, conical spires of Gothic cathedrals give ease. The building always looks tall and seems even taller.

The exterior is decorated with sculptures, a huge number of columns, which create the impression of lightness and at the same time give the building the necessary strength. The lack of smooth walls especially when compared with buildings of the Romanesque style.

The portal (entrance) to the Cathedral are always decorated with numerous arches, sculptures, turrets, small Windows curly. Smooth walls a little, usually they cut large Windows-sockets. The faces and postures of the figures emphasized realistic, even the folds of the clothes are not frozen, but soft, movable.

Entering the Cathedral one feels small and helpless. The visual ceiling height increases crosswise intersecting ribs. Inside the Cathedral is spacious and full of air, because the arches supporting the ceiling, shifted to the side. Filled with colorful reflections from the stained glass, the top of the Cathedral seems to hover in the air.

Gothic is a characteristic aspiration of structures upwards, in particular due to the sharp pointed spires,the stained glass Windows — large Windows with colored, beautifully painted glass, are the numerous arches, the richness of sculpture, decoration. These elements give Gothic edifices of dynamism, grandeur. The essence of the Gothic is the comparison of opposites, the ability to merge the abstract idea and live the thrill of a lifetime, in an effort to penetrate the earth’s flesh UPS of spiritual energy. Gothic architecture both constructive and fine, and manifested in the Gothic Cathedral, which played the role of a public city center. Monuments of this style is the Cathedral of Notre Dame (Notre Dame) . London’s Westminster Abbey . Milan Cathedral in Italy, etc. For large changes in the emotional world of the medieval man was pointing and new developments in musical culture. In 12-13 centuries reach the peaks of development of perfect professional polyphony Diskant. It was singing in the opposite direction, the focus of it was the school of the Cathedral of Notre Dame . Limoges and Chartres . During the 15th and 16th centuries, the Gothic was replaced by Renaissance.