What to visit when traveling to Spain. Barcelona, Sevilla, Córdoba
Barcelona is well known the world for its football teams, both professional and Amateur. Largely thanks to the summer Olympic games of 1992, the city upgraded and are successfully operating…

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In Turkey found the oldest temple in the world.
Archaeologists have discovered the world's oldest temple - megalithic structure, which scientists have dubbed the "Turkish Stonehenge". Scientists consider it "the most important building in the world": a place of…

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Pyramid lake Rock

There is no doubt that the Egyptian pyramids is the most famous. But they are not the most ancient structures of pyramidal form. In the U.S. state of Wisconsin there is a pyramid, whose age, presumably, 12 thousand years. It turns out that it was built during the last ice age. And made it a very highly advanced civilization…

Rock lake is located 20 miles East of Madison (Wisconsin). Its length is eight and the width is about four kilometers. In 1836, American Explorer Nathaniel, hair accidentally discovered in the lake a small stone pyramid with a flat top. He called his discovery Atzalyno and suggested that the discovery not less than a thousand years.

His discovery of Heyer not attach particular importance on the American continent many of the pyramids, “the cult of the hills” and burial mounds. But in 1862, the press began to be published, which said that the pyramid lake Rock is one of the most ancient pyramids.

It was argued that the pyramid is on the bottom of the lake which was formed many years ago, and, therefore, the construction should be over all Indian tribes.

But, gradually, the sensation began to be forgotten. For many decades about the discovery of Heyer forgot.

In 1936 someone anyone Victor S. Taylor announced that he discovered in the lake Rock four pyramids. “Seeds” notes fell on fertile ground, and the researchers began educationaly.

Repeated record for deep sea diving, scuba Max Jean Knowle also interested in the mystery of the lake Rock. After a while he made in his diary the following entry: “the construction has the shape of a truncated pyramid. Upstairs there is a small square area of side 1.4 meters. Side of the square base is equal 5,43 meters, and the height of the pyramid – 8,83 meters. Design, obviously, is composed of smooth stones, United construction staff. The stones are covered with a thick greenish coating which is easily scratched out, and then opens smooth gray surface of the stones”.

The dimensions of the pyramid are not impressed, and avid for sensation the public, for years I forgot about the discovery.

On 30 July 1967 in Lakemills there has arrived group of divers in seven people. In order to verify the rumors about some man-made structures that seem to be hidden in the waters of the lake Rock.

Carefully examining the bottom of the lake, they have not been able to find. The search was difficult because of muddy water. When their patience has already started to come to an end, one of the seven, John F. Kennedy, a botanist by profession, discovered a man-made design long twenty and a width of six meters. And even repulsed as evidence three small stones. But his discovery was questioned.

Dispelled this doubt Mike Kutskov, discovered in 1968 on the bottom of the lake a platform, towering over the bottom meter of four. After a few minutes after that, another group of divers came across a similar structure. The two pyramids were located at a depth of about twenty meters.

Subsequent numerous expeditions to the bottom of the lake the Rock was discovered thirteen underwater pyramids. Skin Diver magazine in the January issue for 1970 wrote: “These pyramids absolutely incredible, impossible – they are too old and are at a place where nobody could build. From the point of view of logic they can’t exist, but the story rarely follow a correct logic.”

Some researchers suggest the age of the pyramids in 12 thousand years, while others suggest that they not 12, and 16 thousand years – at this time the glaciers retreated and left the numerous lakes.

In many places of our planet, researchers increasingly find underwater man-made structures. They are found off the coast of Japan, and not far from the Indian subcontinent, and at the bottom of lake Titicaca, and near Malta.

It is possible to allocate three major areas related to the development of underground space of the metropolis: the laying of transport and communication tunnels for the creation of infrastructure;…

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Ancient structures found in the Khabarovsk region
Two stone structures, similar to the dolmens found in the territory of Bureinsky reserve. Cultural and historical significance of the findings confirmed pre-regional and Metropolitan specialists. Archaeologists Khabarovsk are planning…