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The Gothic quarter in Barcelona. What to see?

The Gothic quarter is a district of Barcelona, home to magnificent medieval buildings, there are several major monuments.

The history of the Gothic quarter is rooted in the very ancient times, in the times of Roman rule over Spain. After the collapse of the Roman Empire, the city, and with it quarter fell into decay, but only in order to blossom in the most glorious days of Catalonia when it was the Kingdom of Aragon. Most of the building dates from the 14th and 15th centuries. The tumultuous events in the history of Catalonia and Spain in the following century and again could affect the safety of local attractions, but fortunately for the tourists. the block stood on their foundations firmly.

The sights of the Gothic quarter

In the neighborhood you can find a huge number of interesting medieval buildings and some buildings are real sights, a magnet for tourists.

The first of these titans – the Temple of the Roman Emperor Augustus, severely battered by time, but still keeping the shadow of their former size and beauty. For better preservation, the surviving fragments of the temple hid from the weather by placing them in a pavilion.

The Royal Palace is perfectly preserved, painstakingly restored the complex, allowing to get acquainted with divetechnoservice Catalan architecture. The Palace, like many other buildings of Spain, is the result of the Union of Moorish and European architecture, it is notable for courtyards, facades of intertwining arches, as well as the many Windows of different shapes and sizes.

The Gothic quarter known for its large number of ancient temples, the most famous of them – the Holy Eulalie, the Church of Le mercè and Santa Maria del PI. Each monument has its unique architectural design and rich history.

The St. James – ancient, the main square of Barcelona and all of Catalonia. Around it are located the administrative building, on the site itself hosts a variety of meetings, processions and festivals. On Sundays, in fine weather, music and dancing.

Royal square and small square, decorated with plants and palm trees. It is a popular meeting place and entertainment, especially in the evening. Around the square is home to many restaurants and shops, and popular Nightclubs.

Four cats – famous cafe, opened in 1897 in the heart of the Gothic quarter. Once gathered the creative elite of the city, including Antoni Gaudi and Pablo Picasso. Dictator Franco had destroyed this place, but after he left, it was carefully restored and reopened to visitors.

Here you can buy a ticket for a tour of the main attractions of the Gothic quarter.

How to get to the Gothic quarter?

The Gothic quarter is on the right side of the Rambla. if you look at the Catalonia square (Plaça Catalunya).

The nearest metro stations. Jaume I, Liceu

Where to live in the Gothic quarter?

To stay in this quarter of Barcelona is not only pleasant but also convenient. You are in the city centre, beaches nearby, and in the evenings is not as noisy as on the Rambla. However, it is worth noting that you have to sacrifice a little comfort, because some of the hotels offer very small rooms.

To find hotels in the Gothic quarter you can find on this link .

If you prefer a more personal solution, it is possible to rent an apartment. Including, in a real medieval house!

Pleasant walks through the Gothic quarter!