Mysterious and amazing places on Earth
The more you travel, the more I wonder, just how much there is in the nature of mysteries and secrets. Such places are everywhere, even near us, if a good…

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The mysterious tunnels of the Log
On the outskirts of the village Bolshoi Log, Aksai district, there is an amazing place, hidden from prying eyes by high hills. However, local residents and so pass by his…

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Bridges in ancient times

From the capital construction of a bridge over the Moscow river for a long time held the danger of invasion of enemy troops from the South, where the river was a natural defensive lines. Only in the seventeenth century when the danger had passed, and the population of Zamosvorechye significantly increased, instead of fords, temporary floating or wooden piling bridges need long-lasting reliable bridge. Great stone bridge – one of the most renowned and significant buildings in Russia of that time, contemporaries called it the eighth wonder of the world. Besides a Large Stone, in Moscow were built on other rivers and ravines and other stone bridges. At the end of the eighteenth century Kitai-Gorod was connected to the Kremlin by two stone bridges – Spassky and Nikolsky. At Neglinnaya in the eighteenth century there was another stone bridge. Before our time preserved the Palace bridge (Lefortovo), who later Kuznetsk, in 1777, was built by the same architect Semyon Yakovlev across the Yauza river in Lefortovo constructed then from the Catherine Palace in German quarter. White city had five stone bridges: Barbarian, Elijah, St. Nicholas, resurrection and Trinity. And stone Kuznetsk bridge. From the time of Catherine II until the present Continue reading

Ancient structures found in the Khabarovsk region

Two stone structures, similar to the dolmens found in the territory of Bureinsky reserve. Cultural and historical significance of the findings confirmed pre-regional and Metropolitan specialists. Archaeologists Khabarovsk are planning a research expedition to the reserve.

Structures similar to the dolmens found the staff of the reserve “Bureinsky”, located in the Verkhnebureinsky area. They are massive constructions, built of stones. The structures are situated on one of the tourist eco paths along the “Royal road” – the Nikolaev tract and were in plain view since the organization of the reserve.

“They were found in 1984, but the values of buildings did not attach. Thought it was a modern building, made for technical purposes, perhaps by hunters. In the area of one of them were found objects of the past century: forged shovels, crowbars. That is, it was evident that the constructions used in the 19th century during the building of the Nikolaev tract,” – said the expert on public relations of the state nature reserve “Bureinsky” Bakhtiyar Mavlanov. Continue reading

In Turkey found the oldest temple in the world.

Archaeologists have discovered the world’s oldest temple – megalithic structure, which scientists have dubbed the “Turkish Stonehenge”. Scientists consider it “the most important building in the world”: a place of worship of ancient people called Göbekli Tepe in South-Eastern Turkey over the famous English Stonehenge by seven thousand years.

The temple of Göbekli Tepe is a circle with a diameter of from 15 to 50 meters, surrounded by rectangular stone walls about 3 feet high. Many of the pillars are carved columns with relief figures of animals. In addition to the bulls, foxes and cranes, the pillars can be distinguished lions, ducks, Scorpions, ants, spiders and snakes. Inside the circles were also found free-standing sculptures of animals.

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