Gothic in architecture
After the fall of the Western Roman Empire in Europe began the so-called dark ages, during which many barbarian tribes did their Orgy on the remains of the Roman cultural…

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During the excavations discovered one of the main fortifications of ancient Chernihiv
One of the main fortifications of ancient Chernihiv — the moat surrounding castle — discovered by archaeologists during excavations on the corner of Kirponos and the Black Prince in the…

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The medieval buildings

Whether you love to travel as much as we? To touching the centuries-old history to travel back to the Renaissance with the image of the unique paintings beginning with the Renaissance and ending with Baroque. Or go to a unique place where magnificent architectural monuments, Gothic castles and fortifications, narrow winding streets and huge areas of the magnificent heart of Europe – Prague.

Such an opportunity to the students of our Lyceum during the autumn holidays. We started our tour from the capital of Hungary – Budapest located on the Danube river, which divides the city into two parts. Right-Bank Buda is located on small hills, creating the impression of a color mosaic in places where dense development shines through the dark green wooded hills. Beside her, a little more to the North is Castle hill and the Old town stands out on the background of the city of green dome of the Royal Palace and slender tower of the Church of Matthew. Buda is the oldest part of the city; here are preserved the oldest and most interesting monuments of the capital. Continue reading

The Attractions Of Barcelona

Barcelona was founded over 2000 years ago, so the architecture was completely under Roman influence, which gave a positive impetus to the further development of art. Special attention should be paid to sights created by the world famous architect Gaudi and other famous sites, created in the period of Catalan modernism. It is interesting to know that many of them are objects of world Heritage UNESCO.

The Picasso Museum is an elegant landmark of Barcelona

In Barcelona in the famous street “Carrer Montcada” is the Picasso Museum. Earlier the Museum there were two palaces, which in XV century was turned into one luxurious landmark dedicated to the memory of Picasso. Here is one of the most comprehensive collections of works written in his youth, and in the formative years of Picasso as a professional artist. He stayed in Barcelona for 5 years (1901-1906.), but was able to leave behind one of the most visited and most beautiful attractions. The Museum includes a collection of children’s portraits and pictures; just pictures and true works of art “blue” and “pink” periods of creativity of the musician. Continue reading

Gothic. Birth and masterpieces (Gothic style)

Gothic style that has become a hallmark of the middle Ages. She was not the only style of the era just past. It is embellished with fantastic lace thread stone spikes flew up and bloomed the precious radiance of the stained glass Windows throughout Catholic Europe in the XII century.

France, England, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic and even Italy, the birthplace of the Renaissance, voznikoveniia her. A special role in the history of Gothic art, the former, above all, art architects, played, however, was France, England and Germany. France became her home. England chose its national style, constantly going back to her forms, transforming them, but not forgetting. Germany, the romantics, has got the honor to return Gothic art from the darkness of oblivion, to reveal its beauty.

The term “Gothic” originated not in the Middle ages. In the Renaissance (and this term, by the way, was not invented by Italian craftsmen, many later French historians and artists have introduced it) the art is ready, that is, the art of the barbarians called all Nanticoke works of art. Besides, is the ingenious theory that “explains” the emergence of the famous Lancet arches. In a letter to Pope Leo X someone (Dolgeville the author regarded him as Raphael) indicated that the origin of her they are “from those popularnych trees, which, if you bend a little and to link their branches, form a pointed arch”. Continue reading

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