Waterproofing of underground structures with the use of gel injection
Almost any designer, engineer or owner of a historic building faced with problems related to constant dampness of external walls of underground structures. For long-term use of injectable materials specialists…

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Cyclopean stones
"The civilization of the Cyclopes? Until the end of the twentieth century, it wouldn't occur to me that the mythical Cyclops existed actually. However, a sensational discovery in Texas (USA)…

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Fastiv Church

Rogoźno V. Fastiv Church Construction and reconstruction of 7 November 2003 (No. 11) P. 49

The first Roman Catholic Church in Fastiv appeared in the late XVI century. Then, in 1593, Joseph beresinski, the first Latin Bishop of Kiev, built in Fastiv the castle and the Church, and soon opened a printing office.

In the XVII century in Fastov there were also Catholic orders: the Jesuits and Bernardines. The Jesuits engaged in education in the city, they opened a gymnasium, but also in pastoral work in the parish. The Bernardines were preaching activity.

In “geographical Dictionary of Polish Kingdom and other Slavic lands” (Warsaw, 1880) include the following information about the first Fastiv churches. In 1723 Samuel biskup Authorities built a new Church on the old site. In 1768 the Gaidamak troops, led by Shvachko and Bondarenko, robbed and burned it. The new Church was only built in 1793. Continue reading

Cave of skeletons in Thailand

The planet has many mysterious places . in which happen to be explained neither by science nor by the logic of events.Very often, these anomalous places shrouded in secrets and legends. One of the most mysterious places on Earth is the cave in the jungle of Thailand, which is called the “Cave of Skeletons”. The secrets of this cave is still not disclosed…

News about it the public learned in 1992, when the expedition had come back famous scientist David Wadl and colleagues. Written on the last leaves of the diary of the scientist were write about the plain, where there is a mysterious cave that locals performed magical rites.

In search of the missing it was decided to send a rescue expedition. By the National Association of anthropologists of the U.S. it was led by Roy Clive and Perry Winston, not once have studied Thailand, especially the alleged place of disappearance of the scientists. Continue reading

Spain. Tourism, resorts and sights in Spain

Spain is one of the favorite and desirable places for travelers and tourists . This amazing country is striking for its Sunny beaches and cities with beautiful historic architecture.

Not so known is the fact that Spain is mostly a mountainous country . Mountains occupy about 90% of its territory. The highest point of the terrain of Spain is a mountain, Mulhacén, which rises near Granada. Despite the fact that it’s located on the South of the country, where at any time of the year is snow. Generally Spain amazing variety of climate. On the same site you can enjoy the warmth and sunbathing or you can climb higher into the mountains, and there’re no warm clothes are not enough.

Spain is a country of contrasts, amazing and mysterious, it beckons people from all over the world.

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